“Practical guides toward a balanced and effective youth ministry.”

Charles Klein, Veteran Youth Worker



“Finally the truth is out! These veteran youth workers share with us their vast knowledge and wide experience. Al and Paul have learned from the school of hard knocks the life lessons of youth ministry. Extreme kudos!” - John Gordon, JohnTuckerGordon@aol.com

“10 X 50 and 52 are trouble shooters. They supply the youth minister or student leader with fresh ideas when faced with those hard-to-handle criticisms that so frequently plagues us. These resources are a must.” - Lance Hendrick, xlchompers@hotmail.com

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If you have ever needed automobile work, you might have picked up on something. Those people in the service department...guess what...they don’t have all the answers. It’s true!


Sometimes - in broad daylight - they will reach beneath the counter and pull out…


A Reference Manual


Yep, that’s their secret. Next they will turn to the needed page. Place a greasy finger below the part. Then give you a quote on the repairs that will knock your socks off: Not in a good way.

Without that manual your auto would still be growing rust in the driveway. There is no way the service personnel can keep all that useful information in their heads.


And You Shouldn’t Be Expected To Either!


Pretend it’s early Saturday morning and you’re running behind (imagine that). You promised the youth group that you would do a morning service project, eat lunch, get the youth room ready for Sunday, and then have a devotional.


What are you going to do? Panic? Call it a day and head home, while hoping that no one shows? Or reach for your reference manuals filled with…


1,020 Tips, Tool, And Techniques...


You scramble and pull them off the bookshelf (your service counter). For the service project you turn to pages 54-56 of volume 1. In a flash you have ten all time great service projects to choose from.

Next you flip over to pages 33-35 in volume 2 and discover ten prime ways to spice up your youth room.

Finally...and you hear footsteps and laughter coming down the hall...you turn to pages of volume 2 and pick a wing-it devotional of the ten options.

The day goes smooth. Or at least as smooth as it can with a youth group. As the sun sets, you collapse. Through a sly opening in one eye you make out the dark blue cover of volume 1.


With a smile you turn to the table of contents and scan...ten counseling techniques...ten ways to involve parents...ten techniques to reach unchurched teens. You keep scanning because you know you have seen it before. Aha! Just what you need at the end of the day. Pages 150-152. Ten tips for recognizing burnout and what to do about it.


Is That Fiction Or Could It Be Your Story?


Your Youth Ministry Reference Manuals

Here are more highlights:


Ten tips for building credibility with parents so you can be on the same team and earn their trust.

Ten traits a teen looks for in a youth worker...you get to learn exactly what they expect of you, which will let you become what they need.

Ten time management tips to give you more time with the teens and spend less time going in circles.

Ten tips for boosting creativity. Teach better classes. Plan more exciting events.

Ten questions to ask every potential volunteer so you can keep perverts away from the group and get only the best.

Ten tips for developing teenage faith. They will remember you as the one who changed their life. They will trade their parents faith in for a personal faith.


102 Categories


Over 100 categories for quick reference and ideas. Check these out: Reasons to stay in youth ministry...ways to keep teens committed...myths of youth ministry...teach teens about worship...new member initiations...stay in tune with teen culture...preserve your integrity...recognize teen depression...prevent suicide...improve your communication...creative email...build staff unity...long haul youth ministry tips...minister to single parents...vision casting...separating good ideas from God ideas......develop patience...selecting a retreat facility...pre-trip checklist...stay mentally healthy...promote class discussion……………………


“Wonderful, creative ideas...…”

- Kristi Stephenson Atlanta, GA



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