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7 Can't Miss Devotionals. Plus...

How to Become a Devo Pro for only $10!




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Devotionals! Quick but powerful Bible studies that pack a spiritual punch. In this Youth Ministry Resource Factory goodie package, you get...



7 Can't Miss Devotionals

One of your seventh graders could pull these off, but don;t let that fool ya. These devos pack simple spiritual truths, while targeting seven topics for teens.

  • Now You See It, Now You Don't: How Christ's blood washes away our sins.

  • Hot Dog Devo: Helping teens see the Word creatively.

  • Super Bowl Champs (you can change this for any sporting event): How and why every teen has a specific place in the kingdom.

  • "I'm so Mad I Could...": How our anger hurts more than just us.

  • Tuning Up with the Spirit: This devo shows the difference between life with and without the Spirit.

  • Pooper Looker

  • All Things Together


How to Become a Devo Pro


It's always great to be able to reach for a book of devotionals. But you can create the best devotionals for your group on your own. How to Become a Devo Pro shows you how to put together great devos from start to finish.


How to....

  • Get purposed, and hammer out exactly what YOUR teens need.

  • Choose relevant scripture that won't lead your group on a scavenger hunt for the truth.

  • Select the right props and visuals to support and not distract.

  • Use a simple outlining formula to keep you focused and in no need of notes.

  • Send teens out on a mission to become transformed, not just informed.

How much money will you save being able to design devos that match your group perfectly? How much more relevant will your devos be when you put them together in a powerful way?


You get the entire package instantly for...




Only $9.95

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