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Getting a Grip

13 Bible Lessons with PowerPoint to help your group get a grip on...

  1. Honesty

  2. Humility

  3. Worry

  4. Immodesty

  5. Unforgiveness

  6. Gossip

  7. Envy

  8. Hypocrisy

  9. Discouragement

  10. Lying

  11. Prejudice

  12. Hatred

  13. Pride

Each lesson comes with...

  • Massive amounts of Scripture so you have have real Bible study, not just a soft paraphrase of half a verse for some topical talk.

  • Extensive discussion questions to allow teens to discover God's word.

  • A take home sheet with daily Bible readings and questions so the teens can take the message deeper during their personal study times.

  • PowerPoint lessons that you use as is or make additions if you want.

  • More material than you can use in a class period.

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