60 Families Reveal Their Defeats and Victories, Plus 600 Practical Tips To Transform Your Parenting...

"When I shared it with one of our parents, she called it a Bible for Parents."

- Jeremy Walden, youth minister


This Resource will Help You Face the

Challenges, and Achieve the Results You

Desire for Your Family or Youth Group.


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“From the Heart of a Parent” is one of the most outstanding books on parenting I’ve ever read. The concise, practical points make it easy to read and, more importantly, to apply to life. It is not only a great “first aid” resource in times of crisis, but a tremendous help in every stage of parenting. 

~Russ King...Father of three...Minister

   Yes, you really can be a great role model, spiritual leader, confidant, friend, or whatever else you want and need to be for your adolescent.

Our children are sources of joy and pain. On the one hand they make us laugh till it hurts and thrilled to be their folks. On the other hand they make us worry about their safety and weep at their rebellious attitudes.

Parenting does more than raise children...it raises doubts. Doubts about the ability to be a good mom or dad. Doubts about decisions that we feel are for the best. Doubts about direction when we say, "Where did we go wrong?"

You lie awake at night when curfew comes and goes without a phone call. You want to know the background of the boy picking up your baby girl for a date. Your heart aches when your son gets cut from the team. You wonder what's written in the love note, or pressed between the mattresses.

More than that...

You're concerned most about your child's soul. More than the honor roll, don't you want your child's name on God's roll?

Of course you do.

That's why I've put this book together. I've been where you are. I've asked all the questions and had all the doubts. My children are out of the house and married. As I reflect on their adolescent years I feel the pride and pain. My heart's desire is to help you avoid some of the pitfalls, while making it through the unavoidable ones with your family's faith intact.

A Book Based On Real Lives...Not Theory.

"From the Heart of a Parent" will encourage and show you how to be the parent God desires while raising a child who reflects Him. Why is this 285 page book different from the other volumes weighing down the bookshelves of your local bookstore?

First, 60 Christian families share their real life triumphs and defeats. Names have NOT been changed. The details are real. For Example.

J. & C. Johnson (you'll' read their full names in the book) sat shocked as their son faced rape charges. They sobbed as he was led away in chains from his sentence hearing. You will discover how they kept their faith in this time of crisis.

K. Segrest shares what teens REALLY want from their parents. Her tender words will capture your heart as she praises them.

Second, not only will you connect with real life families, you will also discover 10 relevant ways to bring each chapter to life in your home.

10 Practical Tips Per Chapter X 60 Chapters = 600 Practical Tips for You to Apply.


“From the Heart of a Parent” is a valuable resource for parents who are trying to instill essential Christian values in their children. It offers pragmatic tips and insights, based upon sound spiritual and psychological principles that can help parents deal with a myriad of common situations which occur in the lives of families with adolescents. It is a manual that parents should read and keep readily available for reference as their children progress through the challenging teen years.

Guy Renfro, Ph.D., Dad and Licensed Psychologist

Here are a few of the concepts you will discover in this book and how your family will change...

How barriers of communication will crumble as you discover how to get your teen to WANT to talk to you.

How to develop spirituality in your children will no longer be a mystery.

Learn to create family traditions that won't leave your family running in opposite directions.

Find out the warning signs of suicide and possibly prevent your child from self-destruction.

Learn why parent's become discouraged and how YOU can overcome them.

Hear what teens say about their parents so you can avoid the same mistakes.

How to experience day by day success as a parent.

Discover positive discipline techniques that don't leave you looking like the enemy.

What approaches you must avoid when communicating with your teen.

What your teen needs to know about finances right now to prevent poor stewardship later.

The biblical responsibilities of a Christian father so you'll be right in line with God's design for dads.

How to recognize teen depression and help your teen escape emotional darkness.

How to help your children develop their talents without living vicariously through them.

Discover the consequences of immoral sexuality and what you need to tell your teenager about them.

A biblical checklist that every teen should use before deciding on any activity.

Why media influences are destroying families and how you can escape the same fate.

How to build commitment and responsibility in your teen that will make other parents ask you about your methods.

Ways to help your teen deal with stress and understand what issues are really important in life.

How you can stay close to God as a parent despite the challenges.

10 virtues to instill in your teen so they will become an adult filled with godly character.

How to form a family that forgives so you can avoid bitterness.

Passages of scripture to memorize to give you strength when you feel like you can't go on.

What to do when a family crisis strikes.

How to help your children through your divorce.

The difficulties of single parenting and how to be effective.

Ways to tame your "out of control" teenager...is it possible?

10 things your teen will always remember about you and how to make sure it's positive!

That's just the BEGINNING!


Here’s What A Few More Families Had to Say About 


From The Heart Of A Parent:  




“As parents of teens, almost all of us feel ‘in over our heads’ at times...it’s just harder than we imagined, and good intentions sometimes aren’t good enough, it seems. But there are some things you CAN do that really will make a difference. Let the Lord bless both you and your children by opening your heart to the ideas of this book.” 

~Jimmy Dobbs...Dad….Director of Agape.

I wish “From the Heart of a Parent” had been available when my children were at home. I now have six grandchildren so I will make sure that my children have a copy of this very practical parenting book.

 ~Elaine Kennedy Grandmother

We have struck gold with “From the Heart of a Parent”. We have a three year old and another to arrive soon! Al and Paul have laid out simple yet insightful foundations for us to build upon for our family. As a veteran youth minister I simply cannot wait to recommend this book to every parent with whom I come in contact.

~ Jeff and Michelle Upton Dad, Mom and Youth Minister

    Special Offer Only $10!

for this Hardcover Book!


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