The Passion of James is a PDF. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, which is required for viewing and printing, you can get it free by clicking here.


The Passion of James

8 Bible Lessons with PowerPoint to help your group learn from the brother of Jesus.

  1. Facing trials and temptations.

  2. Living for God.

  3. Favoritism.

  4. Taming the Tongue.

  5. Combining faith and works.

  6. Wise living.

  7. Planning for the Future.

  8. The Power of Prayer

This material is different because you get two versions.

The discussion version is filled with questions to keep the class talking about the scripture. The outline version is for those who like to have a clear cut point by point process to follow. You'll probably want to combine the two for maximum impact!

In addition to the two versions you also get...

  • PowerPoint based on the outline version.

  • Small group discussion sheets.

  • Class handouts.

  • A Bible quiz for the end of the study. Find out if the student just sat there or actually learned something!

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The Passion of James is a Digital Resource which you can download immediately after ordering. No waiting for the mail!


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