Seven Ready to Go Lessons with Complete Outlines, Handouts, and PowerPoint Presentations...All for ONLY 17 Bucks!


These are incredible!  Thanks so much!  I couldn't believe how easy it was. It was more than worth it!  I don't think it took me more than 5 minutes to walk through entire process, save, and print.  The hardest part was finding my pocketbook with my charge card in it!

Again thank you!

Lisa Vigliotta


Dear Paul and Al,

I ordered the 7 Magnificent Lessons and have already downloaded them.  They are AWESOME!  This is exactly what we have been looking for!  I have already reviewed the lessons.  They are very informative, interactive, as well as interesting.  They will definitely captivate the audience.  The activity sheets are perfect for keeping the young people on task during the lesson.  The PowerPoint is also an excellent way to keep their interest.  The lessons are so well planned and organized that even our youth could lead the lessons!  Thanks for the powerful lessons.

God Bless,
Randy and Kathy Spangler
Grace Bible Fellowship
Extreme Faith Youth Ministry Directors



Seven Reasons to Get The Magnificent Seven:


1. You'll get seven lessons ready for you to use immediately - even if your class is less than thirty minutes from now.


2. You'll save a ton of prep time, so you'll have more time to interact with the teens.


3. You'll save a bundle of money because this package is worth ten times the price.


4. You'll look like a pro with these clean handouts and slick PowerPoint slides.


5. You'll gain confidence knowing you're going into class with all the bases covered.


6. You know the next seven weeks are covered or you can keep these jewels in the wings for that especially hectic week.


7. You know that you can hand these over to a teen and let him teach class and build his leadership skills.


(Psst: Maybe you're reading this and you're not a youth worker, but you hear about how dull the classes are from your teen. Download these materials quick and slip them to the youth worker as a gift!)


The Magnificent Seven includes these magnificent lessons...


Lesson One:

From Fear to Faith


Fear ranks #1 when it comes to reasons we fail to live life abundantly. This lesson will help your group discover how fear tries to talk them out of faith & what they can do about it!


Lesson Two:

Want Friends?


Isn't it sad to watch a kid try too hard and sabotage his/her friendships? This message will teach teens not to be a dork or a pest, but how to be a friend like Jesus.


Lesson Three:

The Prayer Den


Daniel's rescue from the lion's den had it's roots in his prayer life. Invite your group to uncover the true power of prayer and how to develop a powerful prayer life.


Lesson Four:

Fired Up!


It's always tough to go on a retreat, have the group get fired up, and then two weeks later they're back to their old ways. This lesson teaches how to STAY fired up!


Lesson Five:

Unplug Your Mentality


Teach your teens what to unplugged from and what to plug into. Get their minds focused on the right things, so their lives will follow.

Lesson Six:

Well, Well, Well


Was the woman at the well the greatest evangelist of all time? Did a woman with five divorces and a live in lover bring more people to Christ than your group?


Lesson Seven:

Satan's Pick Up Lines

Satan is one smooth operator. Teach your teens his famous pick-up lines and how to turn him down with lines of their own.


Each lesson includes a complete outline with...

  • An open to get you started.

  • A point by point study with scripture references.

  • Discussion questions.

  • Easy in class activities.

  • A close so you can end strong.


Student Handouts...


All you have to do is print them out and run them off. How's that for ease?


Plus the page has no extra junk on it.

  • No page numbers so your group will know you didn't come up with it.

  • No copyright info. We don't care if your students hand their completed lessons all over their schools.

  • No irregular fonts that won't print on your system.

  • No faded backgrounds that run off like the cheap mascara of your seventh grade girls.

  • get them in a one-up 8.5x11 format and a two-up format if want cut them and use half-sheets.

PowerPoint Presentations...


The truth is that even if we hadn't included the PowerPoint presentations this series is worth a lot more than a measly $17.


You'll only need PowerPoint 95 or later. And get this...

  • You can edit the slides to fit your group. Change the background, font, whatever you want.

  • No copyright or other stuff to blow our own horns to your teens.

  • They come static so you can add your own animation if you want.


How Soon Can You Get The Magnificent Seven??


Right now! It's available by instant download. The lessons and handouts are PDF so your operating system does not matter.


After your order is processed you'll be taken immediately to the download page. Save the files to your hard drive and use them anytime you want!


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