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8 Interactive Sessions to Strengthen Family Relationships



Dear Youthworker,


Thank you for caring about the families you work with. Parents and adolescents have grown increasingly apart over the past fifty years, but it is never too late to heal those relationships. 


This course is different than most you run across. Usually, youth workers take parents and provide a class where they learn about their children and how to “handle” them. Then children are taught a separate class instructing them on ways to “get along with” or “deal with” their folks.


 The truth is that it is hard to grow closer when you are apart. This course will allow parents and adolescents to be in the same class, interacting, learning and developing their relationships together. But it doesn’t end in the classroom. Each person will have accountability assignments to complete as an individual and as a family.



Parents & Adolescents Building Our Relationships Together


You’ve had classes for parents that teach them how to handle their teens. Classes for teens that tell them how to tolerate their parents. But this family ministry resource puts them in the same class learning together.


Eight interactive sessions to strength family relationships.


Session 1: Commitment to God and Family

Session 2: A Spiritual Home Under Construction

Session 3: Communication: A Key to Family Success

Session 4: Love – the Bond of Perfection

Session 5: Decision Making

Session 6: Understanding One Another’s Needs

Session 7: Defusing Fights, Arguments, and Feuds

Session 8: Praise, Honor, and Appreciation


You Get...


The Leader's Guide:

The leader's guide walks you step-by-step through each message. So easy to adapt and use in your church even the youth deacon can pull it off. So powerful and effective even a distant dad will be touched. This course covers: Communication, Crisis, Trust, Decision Making, and four more critical subjects. This guide takes you step by step through facilitating the sessions. Each chapter includes a letter written by a parent or adolescent that connects with the theme for the week. A thoroughly outlined lesson from God's word. Easy, yet powerful, in class exercises for families to participate in together. Exactly what the student workbook includes concerning at home exercises, daily bible study material, accountability journaling, and the weekly wrap-up. You also get promotional tools, and outreach ideas.



The Family Journal:

The journal is for each member of the family. The journal serves 4 purposes. 1. In class tool for notes and exercises. 2. At home guide for family times together. 3. Accountability journal as each member records the daily account of their lives in relation to the other family members. 4. Daily Bible reading sessions. You will get one copy of the journal with full reprint rights for all participants. You don't have to buy more guides every time you teach this course!



PowerPoint Lessons:

Your class won't get lost. They'll have their journals and you'll have the outline on PowerPoint.



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