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Six Plus...

Six Lesson Outlines plus...student handouts...small group discussion sheets...PowerPoint

Easy to follow and teach Bible curriculum is tough to find. Loaded with Scripture, discussion questions, and practical application; 6 plus provides material your teens will love and learn from.

Lesson 1: "Hey Teens, Let's Stop Judging Each Other." We all know how cruel teens can be to each other. This session will take teens into God's view of judgment and teach them about accepting each other in Christ.


Lesson 2: "Life's Choices." One of the areas most painful to those in youth work is watching a teen make poor choices. Help your teens make the best choices; the right choices for their lives.


Lesson 3: "Worship, Not Ritual." Use this session to show teens the differences between congregational and personal worship. Some may not even feel attending church is that important. The five reasons to worship will be especially helpful.


Lesson 4: "Let's Make a Difference." What are your teens doing outside the youth group to impact their worlds?


Lesson 5: "I Really Want to Tell My Friends About Jesus." Teens feel like they don't know enough to share or exactly what to share. Empower them with faith sharing principles from Scripture, and give them confidence about spreading the word.


Lesson 6: "Encourage Someone Today." We live in such a cut down world that few teens ever get encouraged by their peers. This lesson shares the importance of encouragement, and your group will discover practical ways to build each other up.


You get those powerful lessons plus student handouts, discussion sheets, and PowerPoint for only $12! We know folks selling one lesson and PowerPoint for $12, which means all six lessons would cost $72, but you get it now for just 12 bucks for the entire package!


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