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  Important Interview Questions  
Important Interview Questions
by Unknown
Click here for a printable version.

10 Important Questions to Ask While Interviewing for a Youth Ministry Position
Usually, in the interview process the person being interviewed is asked one question after another. In many situations you will need to be assertive and ask questions of your own. Below are 10 suggestions to get you started. Add to and take away to meet your own needs. It is vitally important to get as many wrinkles ironed out as possible before the ministry begins.
1. Where do yo see the youth ministry 5 years from now both spiritually and numerically?
2. What type communication will I have with the church leaders and staff in decision making?
3. What is the philosophy of the existing youth ministry?
4. Who are the major volunteer adult leaders and what role do they play?
5. Who are the core teen leaders and where are they spiritually?
6. How is the church looked at in the community?
7. What will my daily schedule look like since I will be involved in school activities such as ballgames, play hanging out at lunch and after school? Along with school activities come other events such as dance and piano recitals, hospital visits and staff meetings?
8. What do you expect from my spouse (if married)?
9. How do you plan to shepherd my soul and the sols of my family?
10. What is your compensation range?
    Author Unknown

Originally Posted: 04 at 7
Last Updated: 04 at 7

Click here for a printable version.



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