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God of the Flame


Paul shares the story of his first wife's death. Sam was only five weeks old at the time. Where's God when it hurts? Why doesn't He prevent heartache? Can peace really be found in the middle of tragedy. No hype: If your church or group hears only one outside message this year - this needs to be it.


Speaking to 3,000 in Orlando.

"Paul, I just wanted to thank you for what you said on Sunday at Winterfest. It was a blessing to all my students, leaders and myself. God has given you a great talent for communication."

~ Jeff McMilon, Memorial Road Church


"What an awesome lesson!!! You have such an incredible love for God, for life, and for people. You really know how to use your gift of humor. Thanks for the powerful message."

~ Diane Patterson, parent


Life to the Full


Laugh and learn for an hour. Based on Paul's misadventure at an amusement park, your church will discover the freedom that comes from letting go!



Paul in the The Land of the GIANTS!

"Dude, you were great! Thanks for the passion." ~ Dudley Chancey,  mega-youth event coordinator


"Paul, thanks for coming and spending your time speaking to us. We really enjoyed it. It was awesome!"

~ Love, the Auburn Church Youth Group


What's in Your Jar?


God says we can be vessels of honor or dishonor. This challenging and interactive teaching will create questioning inside each individual about their spiritual purpose.


Paul and his AWESOME wife Marla.





Their crazy boys. Sam & Steven.


"Paul, your message was captivating and heart stirring. I experienced a wide range of emotion as I hung on every word. Thanks for being HIS messenger & encourager."

~ Tony Smith, conference attendee



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Wow!  What an awesome lesson you had tonight!   You were really on target with what I've been going through and questioning!  Did you notice the chandelier brightly aglow over my head?


I have been asking God to increase my enthusiasm, my excitement and my sense of urgency in some areas of my life and wondered why things had not been changing.  Now I know what I need to do -- let Him know I recognize and acknowledge my weak areas and ask for His strength in those areas.  And, make some decisive changes!

Also, what you said about replaying the tapes --  I've noticed in the past few months what people say and how they say it has triggered some of the old tapes in my head which sent me into that "depression" phase you talked about - the anchors.  Even though I recognized what was happening, I didn't realize the effect.  So I've not been able to move on and lift myself out of those down times (even though they were just small moments of the day).  I think I can do that now.  What a release this is going to be!

Just wanted to let you know you made a difference in my life tonight!  Isn't God great that He can address our issues with people and words we can understand and relate to?

Thank you!!!!!!



From a teacher view point, Paul made use of the material available to get the Message across.  He used great voice inflection, good eye contact, personalized stories to bring on a point not to put himself up, and the group to make sure that God was being brought home to young people. 

Tim Byrd (parent of Brian Byrd - age 42?)


Hannah Baker (age 11)- (Paul) talks on a kid's level. I didn't have a problem understanding his message.  He got his point across in a way that was fun and motivational.

Brian Byrd (age 13)- The first time I heard Paul was at Winterfest.  He relates to me because I know he empathizes with me. He talks to me like he's been where I am, but hasn't forgotten how tough it is to be a teenager.

Hannah Beatty (age 17)- Paul speaks TO ME.  He's not a regular guy who just gets up there and lectures to me. He allows God to speak through him.  He's really one of the best speakers I've ever heard.  And I've been to lots of youth rallies.

Courtney French (age 16)- Paul's message surrounded me with such an aura of confidence and gave me a sense of confidence and direction.  I was moved.  I've been to many youth events, but I've never related to anyone or felt more related to than listening to Paul.  I left the rally feeling better about myself than when I came.

Steve Baker (Noah's dad - age 46) - I was privileged to attend Southern Hills' first youth rally at which Paul Evans spoke.
    Paul was especially personable and personal, deep without presenting a message which was over the heads of the young people attending, but plenty substantive enough to appeal to listeners of every age (which we had in attendance at the rally). He was humorous and
engaging. He involved all listeners and managed to easily draw the group into his messages giving the listeners good, easy to understand life applications with his message.
    I would highly recommend him as a speaker to any group of any age(s), and eagerly look forward to opportunities to hear him speak again.

Paul's message was great.  He was able to touch me personally, and I know it was no different for the others.  He is probably the most dynamic speaker I  have ever heard.  (Clay French, 19 years old)


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